About POSitive Cinema

Based upon years of extensive cooperation with clients, POSitive Cinema provides one complete,
robust, scalable solution for cinemas, available worldwide.

POSitive Cinema is a complete, ERP-type, Cinema Management Solution, built for small, medium and large cinema circuits. It includes functionality for a wide range of activities such as Ticketing, Concessions, Omni-Channel Sales (POS, Online, Mobile, Kiosk), Dine-In, Restaurant, Scheduling, Digital Signage, Headquarter Level Management, Distributor Management, Loyalty and Voucher Management, Marketing Campaigns,TMS Automation, Time and Attendance, Inventory Management, and much more.

With Automation, Centralization and Optimization coming from POSitive’s Cinema Management Solution,
cinemas can achieve better results and improve operational efficiency.

POSitive Cinema’s expanding install base is currently at 100+ Cinemas representing 700+ screens,
with more than 30 million tickets sold over the past 12 months.


Reduce Costs

With POSitive Cinema you can plan multiple full-content schedules much faster using unique smart functionalities and easily send “TMS ready” playlists to each and every cinema in the chain. And yes, there is no need to program the TMS at the cinema level anymore!


Increase Revenue

POSitive Cinema is designed from the beginning with true omni-channel capabilities enhancing multi-platform revenue generation, providing Customers the same experience regardless of channel used, such as Website, Kiosk, Mobile App and Box Office.

This ensures data integrity and process consistency, which is a key to providing accurate reporting and analytics helping to optimize marketing campaigns and increase revenue.


Improve Customer Experience

Your customers can take advantage of a fully customizable Mobile App. They can use it to check showtimes, buy tickets and concessions, and even use it for a Dine-In experience. This handy solution is also great source of data that allows cinemas to collect valuable information about customer preferences and behavior in order to tailor even better offers then before. And yes, your customers will really keep in touch with you.