POSitive Cinema software

One, complete solution for every cinema chain

ERP-type solution covering a wide range of features such as HQ Level Management, multi-channel sales, Restaurant with Dine-In, Scheduling, Digital Signage, Campaigns, TMS Automation, Analytics, Loyalty, Vouchers, Gift Cards and many more.

Our product offers an exceptional value in terms of its affordable pricing while still delivering top-notch quality. You receive the best possible product without breaking the bank.

With us, nothing will surprise you – no matter how many tickets you sell, the price will remain the same.

Unlock a comprehensive, adaptable, and robust approach to increase your incomes, streamline operations, and gain unparalleled insights into your business.

Why POSitive Cinema?


Whatever we do,
we pay attention.

Paraphrased from the movie Jerry Maguire: One of the keys to a successful Partnership is fewer clients. Caring for them, their business, and the solution that will help them.


Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered

All-in-one solution – we've thought of everything, so you don't have to. Focus on growing your business, we've got your back.


Looking for something out-of-the-box?

We act flexible and persistent to find the right solution, and then we deliver what we have promised, with a cheerful can-do attitude.

Point of sale is just the teaser

Provide customers with freedom of choice

Using multiple channels allows providing customers with a consistent and reliable shopping experience, personalized for each of them, regardless of the device they use.

With this approach, we ensure complete customer satisfaction with their purchases, which translates into loyalty to your brand.

Why movie theaters love POSitive Cinema?

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