12 Swiss Blue Cinema locations with POSitive Cinema solution

We first wrote about our partnership with the Swiss Blue Cinema (former Kitag Cinema) circuit back in July 2020. We have worked closely with them since then to deliver a number of features and enhancements to the POSitive Cinema solution and then implemented it in all 12 cinemas of the Blue Cinema circuit. The last one opened its doors last month and is unique because it is fully self-service, probably one of the most automated cinemas in the world.

Blue Cinema focuses on multitainment

Apart from playing the latest releases from the studios, Blue Cinema customers know that other attractions are waiting. As highlighted by Gregoire Schnegg, CPO of Blue Cinema, “Our goal is to offer guests exactly what they expect from an unforgettable cinema visit with offers tailored to them.” Before entering the cinema hall, you can spend the waiting time in a special game zone, using billiard tables or machines, like air hockey, darts, or boxing. The culinary offer is complemented by a burger house, and if the emotions were still not enough, you can have a drink on the rooftop. The cinema halls themselves are also fitted with the latest technologies such as 4DX and Dolby Atmos, and films can be watched in comfortable armchairs or even real leather beds.

POSitive & Blue Cinema

POSitive Cinema software is central to all the most important processes and workflows across the circuit, from selling across all channels, centrally managing the circuits scheduling, website content, inventory, and real-time reporting. . In addition to standard sales terminals, special self-checkout kiosks have been implemented, which is a first for cinemas in Switzerland. These are dedicated F&B kiosks equipped with barcode scanners and ID document validators, which allow the customer to be fully autonomous when purchasing snacks and even alcohol. Almost half of the available self-check-out kiosks are fitted with banknote validators and coin recyclers so the customers can also pay in cash and get the right change, or change their cash for a gift card. Cinema staff has been equipped with mobile devices running the POSitive Cinema Assistant App, which allows them to not only check tickets but also sell additional tickets and/or F&B, manage messaging and task assignments for the entire team, as well as accept deliveries, and count stock levels.


The chain has also gained a brand new customer-facing website and a mobile application both managed by the POSitive CMS, complementing traditional and on-site sales channels. Sales data from all these channels are available to managers in the analytical module and real-time dashboards, providing all the necessary components to make key strategic and business decisions. What’s more, all these sales channels are feeding their extensive loyalty system, providing customers access to their purchase history, discounts, or loyalty points, regardless of the channel they have used, they can even gift tickets, vouchers, or gift cards. Blue has also gained a new Private Events module, which allows for the optimal use of each cinema location by efficiently managing the rental of auditoriums for special screenings, events, B2B hospitality, or conferences. The POSitive Cinema Private Events module manages the entire workflow from initial discussions with the client, preparation of the proposal, final order, deposit payment through managing the event, final settlement, and follow-up.

The only constant is the change

Cinema is no longer just about watching a movie and eating popcorn, but today offers endless possibilities for family entertainment. The Blue Cinema chain is a perfect example of what tomorrow’s cinemas can be. In addition to the game’s rooms and billiards, 3 of their locations also have bowling alleys, as well as sports bars where you can watch matches and other sporting events. If you are in the area, a visit to one of these cinemas is a must!


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