Point of Sale

Manage ticket, concessions and restaurant sales from a single POS station. Ensure a smooth customer experience through an easy sales process. Take advantage of every promotion and up-sell opportunity.

Higher profits

Set up an automatic promotions or conditions to trigger a special promotion for your patron. You can even gamify the sales process and introduce internal competitions by assigning KPI points to particular items.

Increase revenue and optimize seat occupancy with dynamic pricing

Set different price tiers based on factors like demand, time of day, movie genres, etc... Maximize revenue during peak periods while attracting more customers during off-peak hours with lower prices. With dynamic pricing, you can adapt ticket prices in real time to ensure optimal gain while meeting customer expectations.

Save time with smart scanning

Scan any bar code or QR code generated with our system regardless if it is a ticket, loyalty card, coupon, voucher, or gift card. POS will automatically detect what action needs to be taken and proceed automatically with the transaction. Make your staff’s workflow more efficient and faster by avoiding unnecessary selections on their sales interface.


Tickets, Concessions, and Restaurant sales are available on the same POS station!

Unlimited number of seating categories such as VIP, Sofa, Premium Seat, standard seat

Voucher sales for the entire chain or selected locations

General admission and reserved seating

Easy to understand touch screen interface

Dynamic pricing - Modifiers to help limit the number of ticket types

Multiple payment types (credit card, cash, gift card, pre-paid, loyalty points, etc.), even in one transaction

Sending tickets via SMS or email directly from POS

Multi-level menu can be restricted to the specific loyalty card users

Trailers, movie details, advertisements, and seat selection presented on a customer-facing POS display

Extensive Customer Panel with transaction history, feedback, and tasks

Holding sales, screening cancelation with the ticket refund option

Support for many different loyalty schemes

Seat, ticket, and item exchange feature

Permission-based access

Cross-cinema ticket purchase

pos display gif

Greater sales opportunities with customers-facing monitors

Let viewers choose their seats conveniently, display them the current concessions promo or the full menu, or invite to a special event like a movie night. POS Display offer plenty of opportunities for additional promotion.