Provide sales and manage online content, via a customized and responsive website built on the POSitive framework. In addition, you will collect valuable data about your customer preferences and buying behavior, which can be further used with marketing activities. Manage your website your own way.


Content Management System (CMS) available to manage the creation and modification of digital content on the website also by non-technical staff

Ticket sales and reservations

Optional F&B sales with Up-sell features

Support e-tickets

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface for customers, regardless of platform

POSitive Cinema loyalty included

Scalable to meet the needs of high peak demands, such as pre-sales for blockbusters

Partial implementation with your web solution provider or full implementation with our solution. The choice is yours!

Variety of payment types (credit card, gift card, pre-paid, points, vouchers, PayPal, etc.)

Apple Wallet and Google Pay support

Full or partial ticket transaction refunds