dashboard & analytics

Access and process all non-aggregated data from the cinemas using configurable dashboards, available on desktops and mobile devices.
Dashboard & Analytics computer
Dashboard & Analytics benefits


Views of KPIs

Pre-set and definable KPIs

Efficient data analysis in the office and ad hoc

Cinema Manager Daily Dashboard



Fast SQL 2017 engine for complex reports

Processes all data for easy accessibility such as ticket sales, screenings, web sales, kiosk sales, concessions sales, loyalty data, special events and more

Customizable Excel-like grids to create on-the-fly reports with ability to select columns and rows

Pivot tables - user templates and definitions

Easy export to xls, csv, html and pdf

Ticket 360 view

consider this

Consider this

Most relevant KPI’s can be analyzed in dashboards so managers can monitor them on their mobile phones or tablets with no need to sit in the office.