Do you want to build customer loyalty?

Marketing Automation & Mobile App for your cinema – this is your way to go!

The latest reports show that 25% of eCommerce companies top performing in customer loyalty can even retain 70% of buyers. Having a platform that is capable to run personalized omnichannel communication can really make your customer loyalty (and profits) skyrocket, even if you run a cinema business. Spending hours on setting up campaigns and processes are over. Say hello to your new friend – marketing automation!

Email marketing to drive loyalty

Email marketing is not a blunt communications tool anymore. Currently, it’s considered a very popular and effective method of direct and personalized customer communication. Email is now the no. 1 activity on mobiles and it’s been more and more automated. How to use email automation to boost customer loyalty in your cinema business? Send user behavior triggered emails. Personalize the content with user attributes and predictive intelligence – send the cinema’s program and the latest trailers, maybe even with coupon codes? Make people stay up to date with blockbusters coming and movie marathons. Email automation enables you to create various user groups and bring your Open Rate to the next level.

Run automated customer loyalty programs

Loyalty program is definitely something to consider if you want to retain customers. The most innovative marketing automation tools make it possible to develop really successful loyalty schemes, based on proper customer experience. Points system, tiered rewards, special rewards for visiting your cinemas on a regular basis? Your automation tool will integrate both online and offline channels for you.

Use personalized promotional content

Marketing automation enables you to display content tailored to customer interests and a stage in the customer’s lifecycle. You can show cinema ticket discounts for first-time visitors and offer promotional codes for certain movies for those who haven’t purchased recently. Marketing automation is a great way to boost your customer loyalty – you can even launch dynamic popups, adjusted to what movies your customers have watched.

Make the most out of powerful analytics

Marketing automation is a great source of strong data. You get thorough insights that will let you know your customer preferences better. Decent automated research is a step towards staying ahead of your competition. It’s essential that you capture such data to understand your customers and capitalize on the insights and opportunities presented. With the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, different data sets can be analyzed together to generate more accurate predictive models of consumer behavior and a tendency to stay loyal to your brand. Equipped with such tools, you can plan and automate appropriate campaigns and set respective budgets more effectively. Automated insights also mean the highest level of scalability.
A definite must-have if you want to make the most out of fully automated customer loyalty management in your cinema business. Mobile apps give you a chance to create and promote customized and timely offers. You can use incentives such as birthday gifts and special deals, as well as ticket discounts and coupons. You can also use additional services devised for app users only – to boost customer loyalty with contextual push notifications and app-messages is possible and reachable whenever you need it. Automated messages can reach the target user anywhere and anytime – they don’t even need to use the app at the moment. Also, don’t forget about push notifications – their open rate is said to be higher than emails. A mobile app is an opportunity to encourage your customers to perform certain actions and reward loyal users to increase customer retention.


Ready to include customer loyalty automation in your business strategy? Consumers today are bombarded with brand communications from each side so it’s your job to stand out of your competitors. The simplest way is to automate your marketing activities and thus increase customer loyalty – the results are fast and tangible!


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