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The newest catalog with an overview of all POSitive Cinema modules. It includes sections for cinema operation, central management, sales channels as well as support tools and hardware for cinemas. If you want to fully understand the scope of the POSitive Cinema system, you are in the right place!

Marketing Automation

Provide automated actions that will turn into personalized communication. Learn how to create recipients groups based on static and behavioral data of your customers, read about the types of campaigns (one-time, continuous and real-time), and find out how to analyze the results of shipments.

Loyalty Program

Why a loyalty program is a must-have if a cinema business? How to attract existing customers even more? Download the document and find out about building any loyalty program. Read about the most popular types of programs and the use of gift cards, vouchers, and pre-paid cards and increase customer satisfaction

Private events

Introduce the private screening service and gain another revenue channel. In our material you will find tips on how to organize it. Corporate event, e-gaming competition or maybe a birthday? Download an e-book and learn how to unleash the full potential of your auditoriums.

Up- & Cross-sell

If you choose to sell more rather than sell less, you will use the power of these two techniques mainly (but not limited to) with your self-service sales channels. What will you find inside? Explain both techniques, highlighting the differences between them and examples of practical application. Do not wait and boost your cinema business!

Kitchen Display System

And if you run a restaurant, you need to optimize online and onsite orders. How to improve work in the kitchen? And how to make communication between the chef and the waiters easier? Kitchen Display System guarantees shorter waiting time and fewer mistakes in orders.