Everything you need to know about omnichannel sales

If you have your own cinema business, you probably know how important it is to be flexible. One of the best ways to meet your clients’ needs and expectations is to provide them with freedom of choice. It can concern the array of products and additional services offered, as well as ways in which they can purchase them. Omnichannel sale is now one of the most popular strategies among cinema owners all across the globe.

What are omnichannel sales?

The so-called omnichannel sales or omnichannel commerce is a multichannel approach to sales. According to this strategy, customers using different channels should share a similar experience, e.g., customers who decide to buy a ticket at the box office should be able to do it also online with the same result. The omnichannel operations are focused on the entire customer experience in all channels. It means that entrepreneurs who would like to introduce omnichannel sales should do their best to provide clients with the necessary support for all channels.

Single-channel, multichannel and omnichannel commerce

To understand better what the essence of omnichannel sales is, you should first learn what single-channel and multichannel commerce are:

  • Single-channel sale – this is the easiest model of sales in which you are selling in one channel only. The best example here is a local cinema which sells movie tickets only to people who are physically present at the cinema.
  • Multichannel sale – this is a more developed sales strategy in which you are selling in different channels, e.g., tickets can be purchased at the cinema and in an online shop. You address your clients in several ways – by phone, social media, e-mail, chat.
  • Omnichannel sale – once you’re present in various channels, you can also become omnichannel. In omnichannel, all channels are connected one with another, providing all customers with a seamless experience. The omnichannel sale can take place only in cinemas that perform multichannel sales.
omnichannel sales

Why is it worth having omnichannel commerce?

Omnichannel sales bring many benefits to you and your clients. Check some of the most important among them:

  • Better customer experience – thanks to the possibility of reaching your cinema in many ways, customers can adjust their consumer behavior to their needs and preferences. This increases their overall customer experience, which makes your brand stronger and more friendly.
  • Increase in conversions – once you are present in different places with your services, customers start noticing you. This may lead to a bigger number of sales. If you add some customer programs to it, e.g. a loyalty program for people who regularly choose your cinema, bonding with you is easier for them.
  • Recognition – thanks to omnichannel, you can establish a deeper connection with your customers. Ads, discount coupons, loyalty programs, and other marketing strategies not only increase sales but also improve your customer’s opinions on your services.
  • More extensive statistics – omnichannel sales are a great source of information about your customers. Although they all visit your cinema in the end, you may learn what are their preferences in terms of buying. Thanks to data collection, you can analyze which channels are the most effective in your business and adjust your future sales strategies accordingly.

Omnichannel sales in the cinema industry

Omnichannel sales are on the rise in the cinema industry with traditional box offices, online booking systems, ticket kiosks, and mobile apps. The customers are looking for tickets and information about films in several channels, and their decisions upon the purchase of a cinema ticket in many cases depend on which company they are the first to engage with. The customers’ preferences, especially the younger generation who are the most frequent cinema visitors, are constantly evolving. It is, therefore, crucial to adjust to their needs.

What is more, thanks to the omnichannel sales clients coming from different channels all can feel just the same. They all have access to the same ticket base and feel that the quality of the services offered to them is high regardless of where and how they make their purchases.

Omnichannel sale is a trend that will surely get even more popular in the future. Today it is one of the most demanded sale strategies in the entire cinema industry as it is one of the most efficient means to satisfy modern clients.


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