Film distributors

Efficiently create reports and send them to distributors by using customizable templates and automated reporting.

Film Distributors diagram
Film Distributors benefits


Customizable reports according to distributor requirements

Automatically send reports to distributors with defined frequency

Integrated with Comscore and MaccsBox

Settlements functionalities such as:
- rental which includes calculations, accrual, status, analysis
- invoices and Accounting which includes invoice register, issuing, settling
- separate Policies per Studio/Movie/Cinema

Cash flow management with preview of invoice value status

Invoice Verification against actual results

Scanned/unscanned ticket reporting/calculations

Rental calculations


Reporting Automation

Report generated with Film Distributors have an automation feature: if you define their frequency (e.g. once a week), the system will automatically send reports to distributors (or other recipients of your choice) based on selected criteria.