Hardware For Cinema​

High-quality equipment for your cinemas!

POSitive Cinema can work with any hardware that meets the minimum recommended specifications, however, based on our experience, we recommend the following suppliers and hardware.

Posiflex 2 XT-3815

Why Posiflex POS?

Posiflex POS terminals

High-quality Posiflex terminals are a perfect choice, where the pace of work, reliability, and design are key issues. Speed and attractive design are combined with one of the lowest failure rates in the industry. Above all, Posiflex terminals are ideal for cinemas, where customers expect nice design and managers expect flawless service.


Attractive Design

Modular construction


Efficient investment for many years

XT-5317 with 17” LCD display and INTEL i3

Fan-free technology so no need for cleaning or service, moreover energy saving​

Work 24/7/365 – thus heavy duty machine

Processor INTEL i3 gives you high efficiency likewise energy saving

RAM Memory can be also expanded to 16GB

Flat glass screen let you use Multi Touch functions and also makes its look more attractive

Use of solid state drive (SSD) increases speed and provides noise free operation

Internal UPS battery keeps the terminal working during power outage

Terminal construction lets you hide both all the cables and power adapter, as well as regulate angle and height of the screen

2 years standard warranty that can be extended to 4 years

Other equipment:

Magnetic stripe reader SA-105

9.7” rear-mount LCD 2nd display LM-3010E for clients at terminal XT-5317

15” rear-mount LCD 2nd display LM-3015 for clients at terminal XT-3815

Low in TCO

Long Range barcode scanner CD-3870 that reads codes from smartphones

Cash drawer with innovative “Screwless” design

Flip-top cash drawer

Posiflex POS Equipment

RA-101_with RT-2015 s

Magnetic and RFID card readers

The reader plays two very important roles. Firstly, it secures access to the sales point (cashier PIN can be tracked), secondly, it allows to identify customers that participate in the loyalty program. A reader mounted to a terminal is a modular option.

Monitors for customer - POS Display

POS Display monitor gives much more options than traditional text displays. For instance, it can be used to display seating plan layouts with current occupancy levels for different screenings, showtimes, film details, promotions, ads, and concessions assortment.


Barcode readers

There is a wide range of Posiflex barcode readers. First of all, they allow to easily handle vouchers, coupons and speed up the sale of snacks and drinks.

Cash drawers

Posiflex offers a wide range of cash drawers, for example, flat, pullout, as well as Flip Top drawers. Therefore, easily adjustable to your POS and furniture design.

posiflex eq 6 CR-2200

Professional Cinema Hardware

Digital Signage Displays

digital signage monitor


2 screens with 1920×540 or 1366×256 resolution each

Intel stick Windows PC

Ethernet port

110-230 V power supply

Mounting options – to the wall or hanging


1920×540 or 1366×256 resolution

Intel stick Windows PC

Ethernet port

110-230 V power supply

Mounting options – to the wall or hanging

digital signage monitor one side

Professional Cinema Hardware

Ticket Printers

custom logo
bixolon logo
boca systems logo


self-service kiosk image

Single sided, dual sided or wall-mount

Easy access design

Fast replaceable components

32" PCAP Full HD Touchscreen

Integrated PC-Box

Wide range of periphericals

Fully customizable

Ticket validator for usher

Advanced device, excelling in complex solutions

High capacity battery

IP 67 Protection Grade

usher image