Hardware For Cinema



You can count on POSIFLEX for delivering solutions that are:

  • Reliability
  • Attractive Design
  • Modular construction
  • Training saver 
  • Innovative
  • Efficient investment for many years 
  • Low in TCO

XT-5317 with 17” LCD display and INTEL i3

  • Fan-free technology means no need of cleaning, service and energy saving
  • Work 24/7/365 – heavy duty machine
  • Processor INTEL i3 gives you high efficiency and energy saving
  • RAM Memory can be expanded to 16GB
  • Flat glass screen let you use Multi Touch functions and also makes its look more attractive
  • Use of solid state drive (SSD) increases speed and provides noise free operation
  • Internal UPS battery keeps the terminal working during power outage
  • Terminal construction let you hide all the cables and power adapter, as well as regulate angle and height of the screen.
  • 2 years standard warranty that can be extended to 4 years


Stylish & Slim Design

Touch screen surrounded with sleek contoured ultra-slim body. This neat look is supported by absence of any visible screws.

Professional Cable Management

Terminal is designed to support efficient cable management truly creating clutter-free station. The standard base has got space for the optional Powered USB or USB extension module. Hardware can also be equipped with the optional base integrating a UPS backup (RB-5000) allowing work in unstable power supply environment.

Fanless Technology

The fanless technology is patent protected. This solution allows quiet work and provides a long service life at the same time.

Fast Installation and Maintenance

Rear cover can be easily removed without tools speeding up installation and service.

Save Time and Money

The terminal can be shipped with customer line display or 9.7” / 10” 2nd LCD facing customer, saving shipping costs as well as deployment.



The reader plays two very important roles: it secures access to the sales point (cashier pin can be tracked) and it allows to identify clients that participate in loyalty systems. Reader mounted to
terminal is a modular option.


POS Display monitor gives much more options than traditional text displayers. It can be used to display seating plan layouts with current occupancy levels for different screenings, showtimes, film details, promotions, ads and concessions assortment.

posiflex eq 5 CD-3870-216x300


There is a wide range of Posiflex barcode readers.
They allow to easy handle vouchers, coupons and
fast sale of snacks and drinks.


Posiflex offers wide range of cash drawers.
There are different flat, pullout, as well as Flip Top drawers – easy adjustable to your POS and furniture design.

Other equipment:

Magnetic stripe reader SA-105

9.7” rear-mount LCD 2nd display LM-3010E for clients at terminal XT-5317

15” rear-mount LCD 2nd display LM-3015 for clients at terminal XT-3815

Long Range barcode scanner CD-3870 that reads codes from smartphones

Cash drawer with innovative “Screwless” design

Flip-top cash drawer

Professional Cinema Hardware

Digital Signage Displays


  • 2 screens with 1920×540 or 1366×256 resolution each
  • Intel stick Windows PC
  • Ethernet port
  • 110-230 V power supply
  • Mounting options – to the wall or hanging


  • 1920×540 or 1366×256 resolution
  • Intel stick Windows PC
  • Ethernet port
  • 110-230 V power supply
  • Mounting options – to the wall or hanging

Ticket Printers


  • 32” touch screen capacitive technology
  • I3 or i5 Windows PC
  • Thermal ticket/receipt printer
  • Option for different payment terminals
  • Option for different fiscal printers
  • 110-230 V power supply
  • Ethernet connection port
  • Weight 30 kg
  • Elegant design
  • Available in different colors and finishing

Android mobile scan and service device Sunmi V1

  • Advanced device, excelling in complex solutions
  • Works continuously for 30 hours, dark screen standby time of above 18 days, 5500 order printing jobs
  • QR code recognition within 0.7 seconds
  • Always connected through mobile data, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth