Hardware for cinemas – how to choose it wisely?

When you are fitting out your cinema, you carefully chose high-quality equipment such as seats, projectors, or the sound system. However, one thing you should also invest in is the equipment that’s key to generating revenue – hardware for cinemas such as POS terminals or PDA devices, as well as self-service kiosks or bar code readers.

Point of Sale equipment

The box office and concessions counters are special places in the cinema, as they are often the first point of contact with your customers. Touch POS terminals enable the quick and trouble-free sale of tickets, vouchers, gift cards, and purchasing snacks with minimum staff training. The use of terminals with an additional customer-facing monitor, will allow for even greater interaction, increase moviegoer satisfaction, and also higher profits by displaying up-sell and cross-selling offers. The sales terminal is not only a POS computer but also integrates a number of peripheral devices such as printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, or magnetic card readers. The environment these devices need to operate in is very different from your living room or office desk – drinks are often spilled on touchscreens, scanners dropped, and the equipment is used intensively for hours at a time. Choosing robust and proven POS equipment will save you money in the long run and keep on operating smoothly even during your most busy blockbuster sales.

Kiosk for movie theater

A self-service kiosk is a perfect solution for selling not only cinema tickets but also concessions and even complex F&B products that require customization. Kiosks are a cost-effective way to reduce the number of POS stations required in a cinema and allow cinemas to maximize sales, especially during peak hours. They can also be used to collect previously ordered tickets, check your loyalty points, or top up your gift card. After buying a ticket, the kiosk will never forget to suggest a selection of snacks and drinks. They also provide excellent additional advertising space for promoting the latest offers, announcing special events, or presenting trailers of upcoming blockbusters.

hardware for cinema

Mobile devices for cinema staff

Cinemas are increasingly providing their staff with mobile devices to help them remain efficient and deliver a high level of service even when they are not behind their POS stations. Previously these devices were only used to check online tickets, but today staff can sell tickets or concession items, complete tasks set by managers, carry out stock counts, and provide accurate information to their guests. It is important to choose the correct devices with dedicated bar code readers, long battery life, and adequate protection against drops and liquids. Some devices integrate PCI-compliant payment terminals to allow staff to pre-authorize a card when opening tabs or customers to safely pay for their final bill without losing sight of their card.

Digital Signage Systems

A visit to the cinema is a unique experience and from the moment moviegoers enter the lobby, they expect to be immersed in a full cinema universe. Digital Signage screens are key in achieving this and allow guests to be informed on the latest movies information, posters, but also offers, or special events. Are you launching an unlimited card scheme? How about Tuesday family night? Or maybe you already know the release date of the movie everyone was waiting for? Informing your customers about showtime or which auditorium is playing their movie through digital signage screens will optimize the flow across your lobby and focus your staff on selling and providing more valuable services. Moreover, the system will keep all the screens synchronized and any changes to your showtime will be reflected in real-time across all your screens automatically.

Choose a proven provider

POSitive has several strategic hardware partners and our customers can benefit from our specially negotiated prices. What’s more, by working with world leaders in the industry, we can provide a comprehensive turn-key offer for both software and the necessary, compatible, and high-quality hardware for your cinemas.


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