How the F&B online sales should look like

The changing reality forces us to take actions within our business and our lives in ways we would never have thought about before. The ongoing global pandemic has become an accelerator of changes in countless companies in terms of work organization and, most importantly, customer service improvement. Every day we see changes that make our lives easier. It turns out that most of the administrative tasks we have to carry out can now easily be done without waiting in line for hours on end, which has so far been out of the question in many parts of the world.

Bite the bullet

Today customers are spoiled with a choice of dedicated applications, services, remote support, which are powered and delivered mainly thanks to clever digital solutions and computer automation. Is this where we are all heading? Well, we will see. However, as a busy consumer, I do appreciate being able to get things done in the meantime.
What do I mean by that? Take a look at our beloved cinema industry, it should always be possible to purchase tickets in advance through the cinema’s website or mobile application. True, it is super convenient, but I never really understood the concept of charging extra for this privilege.
Okay, I now have my ticket, but sitting through a screening without popcorn and cola is like Neo without Trinity. I know in practice it’s possible, but even so, totally unimaginable. So why not take it further and provide the possibility of buying food at the same time you are buying your ticket online? I’ll take the heat, I will probably order more than I should when buying through this channel, as all the research in digital channel F&B sales shows time and time again!

How should the online F&B offer look like?

Comprehensive, highly visual, and fully customizable. The time I spend building my order and preparing for my experience will be much more enjoyable than having to queue up at the counter or explaining exactly what toppings I want on my nachos. Let’s also remember that spending less time waiting around a busy counter will also be safer for everyone these days. 

But how will they know I'm here and ready to pick up my order?

This is where the clever digital solution comes in: cinemas can provide several options to allow me to inform I have arrived and also have a backup in case one of them fails. And after all, people are different. Some haven’t seen the Matrix yet.

Thanks to the magic that powers the Kitchen Display System, my order will appear on the preparation screens in the exact second it should and I will pick up my order on the fly, going straight into my third Tenet screening (maybe this time I will understand what is going on…) to enjoy every minute of its 150. There is still magic in this. Cinemas that offer a premium service might also suggest an in-seat delivery with the help of their Cinema Assistant Mobile app, that can add that extra drink I know I will need to fully understand this film.

Stay POSitive and wisely choose your (magical) solution provider.

The parent company of POSitive Cinema has been providing IT solutions to restaurants for the last three decades and serves over 18 000 of them. And that is something.

Artur Bobrek

Key Account Manager at POSitive Cinema


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