How to promote cinemas special offers?

A movie company can produce a fabulous play with excellent acting but if only a few people see the production, the cinema doesn’t earn any money. However, there is no business like the cinema business. Creative cinema owners should be aware of how to captivate audiences and keep them up to speed with the latest special offers. There are many creative options when it comes to promoting your cinema and we can split them into two groups – digital and ‘on the scene’.

Send digital cinemas special offers

In general, the most popular digital ways to inform your customers about special deals are push notifications, marketing automation software, and website updates.

Push notifications

Push notification in your cinema app is the perfect way to communicate a real-time update to your customers. For most people, a smartphone is on hand all the time, so they get your message immediately. Don’t forget that your subscriber count inevitably enhances your brand’s visibility and drives more revenue, too.

Marketing automation software

For many cinema businesses, email and SMS are the go-to channels for customer communications. For promotions, special deals, and discounts, email and text messages are tried-and-true platforms with more global accessibility than any other medium. The most effective way to regularly inform your customers about what’s currently going on in your cinema is to integrate both channels within one platform and automate as many marketing activities as possible.

Using multiple communication channels provides your customers with a seamless experience. On top of that, making the most out of marketing automation software enables your customers to engage with your business on the channels they prefer. It’s cost-efficient and can easily reach virtually anyone.

Your website

A website is now a part of a marketing strategy no cinema can exist without. Booking tickets online, checking the program – we all need cinema websites! However, you can also use your website to inform customers about special offers. Eye-catching banners, interesting content – your website is your space to show off. To support your online marketing activities, combine your website content with your social media strategy.
cinema special offers

Cinemas special offers displayed directly to your customers

Have you ever heard about digital signage? It refers to display technologies like LED walls and LCD monitors to display videos, marketing messages, digital images, etc. Such digital signage display is a conspicuous way to influence customer behavior and decision-making and highly engage them towards marketing and upselling. Digital signage can be used in a lobby, a hallway or concession stand areas. If you want to feature promotions for movies, events, and sales, digital signage displays are your way to go.


Another way is self-service kiosks. Providing new experiences at the cinema is the key to innovation, as well as up- and cross-selling. Such kiosks can be used to buy tickets, retrieve tickets purchased online, or view the available seating plan. However, they can also serve as a tool to inform customers about the latest deals and discounts. They can give customers extra time to browse through the program and at the same time, promote new products customers may like to try like drinks, popcorn, etc. For a customer, it also means shorter waiting lines.

POS displays

Finally, if you want to present your special deals directly in the cinema, you can use POS displays. As they are versatile enough to perform a wide range of functions, they can easily serve as a tool to present your latest offer to your customers. All you need is a second POS display that will be used by them. You will keep customers up to date with special offers and promotions and at the same time, you will move long lines even faster. If you combine POS-displayed promotions and updates with your CRM and e.g. loyalty program, you can tempt your customers to come to your cinema more often.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to keep your customers up to speed with your latest offer. The best thing you can do is to combine them to maximize their potential.


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