Is a self-service kiosk for cinema worth introducing?

The movie industry has experienced multiple difficulties over the past dozen months. Although is it now gradually recovering from the deep economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and the following lockdowns and restrictions, all solutions that enable cinema owners to decrease operational costs are still welcomed. Among them the most frequently chosen are ticket kiosk solutions. Read our article to learn what cinema kiosks are all about and what benefits they can bring to your business.

Buying tickets

In many cinemas, especially some of the biggest cinema chains in the world, there are at least three ways in which you can buy tickets. The first and the most intuitive at the same time is to buy them at the counter, the second is to book them online and the third is to use so-called self-service kiosks for cinema, which are innovative machines that allow customers to make instant reservations and pay for them in just a few minutes.

How to buy a ticket using a cinema kiosk?

Purchasing tickets at the cinema kiosk is fast and effortless. Kiosks are usually chosen by young people who value their time and don’t want to waste it standing in a line. It is also a perfect solution for all those who want to keep social distance as they don’t need to interact with a seller. To buy tickets at a self-service kiosk, all you need to do is to select the film that you want to attend, choose seats, and pay. Most cinema kiosks accept payment by card, but there are some in which you can also pay in cash.
cinema kiosk

Benefits of installing ticketing kiosks

If you are not sure whether self-service kiosks will do good in your business, learn what are the most important benefits of ticketing kiosks:

  • Fast and effortless ticket buying – Kiosks for cinema allow your customers to quickly buy tickets. This solution promotes spontaneous purchases and is aimed at all independent buyers. As the popularity of self-service checkouts in stores is constantly increasing, more and more customers are expecting to make purchases without interacting with a seller.
  • Less staff needed – Kiosk fees are much lower than costs that you need to incur to employ someone. Also, introducing a cinema kiosk will allow you to decrease the number of employees needed to sell tickets. You can delegate them to more complex tasks.
  • Better cross-selling – Self-service cinema kiosks are much more than just a regular ticket machine. They offer several additional features that allow you to sell more. For instance, once a customer has chosen their seat, a kiosk will ask them if they want to make some additional purchases such as drinks or popcorn.
  • Easier management – The software collects information on purchases made with the use of kiosks. It allows to generate detailed statistics and analyze customers’ behaviors.
  • All-in-one system – The cinema kiosk solution can be used not only to sell tickets at the cinema. It also makes it possible to purchase snacks and drinks, as well as print tickets that have been purchased online. And of course, kiosks can be integrated with your loyalty program.

Multilingual customer service

One of the features of free-standing cinema kiosks which is particularly worth highlighting is multilingual customer service. A kiosk can sell tickets in many languages. This is another significant factor that can reduce costs in your company. Now you don’t have to look for employees who speak multiple languages or organize language courses.

Additional advertisement space

What is more, cinema kiosks can be used to screen advertisements. When the machine is not in use, it can show advertisements to people who pass by. This is a great way to promote new film premieres or discounts available at your cinema. You can also screen your partners’ ads to make extra money. We hope that we have managed to convince you that interactive cinema kiosks can upgrade your cinema and make your customers feel better. The system is efficient and relatively cheap compared to hiring employees. It is therefore certainly worth trying


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