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Loyalty & Discount

Combine loyalty schemes and discounts to create powerful marketing campaigns. Get new loyal customers and reward
your patrons.

Loyalty & Discount scheme
Loyalty & Discount benefits
Loyalty & Discount benefits

Loyalty programs module is a great support for promotions management, you can easily generate coupons or gift cards and send them to clients with Marketing Automation module. Since all data are on-line you are always up to date with codes and cards usage.

Gift Card

Predefined or any value

Definable validity time

Refunds can be transferred to Gift Cards



B2B and B2C vouchers

Voucher for ticket, concessions or mixed

Multiple and cycle (X entries per month/week/day)


Pre-paid and Postpaid


Percentage or value discount

Tickets and/or concessions discount (any combination)




Can be used with Marketing Automation

Gives extra value on top-up

Can be used to buy any product & service in your cinema chain


Loyalty points

● Rules for collecting points e.g. items, date&time
● Multipliers
● Blackout dates
● Restrictions

▫ Expiration dates
▫ Transaction value
▫ Number of transactions per day,
   week, month, year

Membership levels (e.g. Silver, Gold, Platinum) with different benefits and rules

Using points as a currency or to get a reward

Assigning discount and price level to tier/card

Multiple discount options

● Specific item discount
● Discount for whole group of items
● Combination of item and group     discount dates
● Percent
● Value

Apply discount to any product available

Assigning vouchers to a membership account

Full loyalty history on POS, WEB or mobile

Easy registration of a new member