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Manager App

Provide the Managers with the right tools to support their day-to-day activities. The less time they spend in
front of the computer, the more they spend with the customer and staff.


you will never run out
of anything

Keep track of stock levels with vendor management, stocktaking, and both – item and recipe-level tracking.

Access it
on the run

Stock management, box office, cash flow and reporting. Let your managers spend less time out the back and more in the front of the house.

Higher efficiency
due to automation

Dozens of easy-to-use reports that can be sent automatically according to pre-established schedules.

Manager App features

Manager dashboard

Enhanced Cash Management

Dozens of user-friendly reports that can be sent automatically

Ability to modify and approve the schedule

Attendance Time Control

Stock management

Ticket 360 view

Food cost analysis

Replenishment management

Entering and accepting electronic delivery documents