Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation makes it easy to collects, storage, and analyze data from all sales channels in order to automatically send the right messages to the right customers at the right time.

POSitive Cinema Marketing Automation insights
marketing automation benefits
Marketing Automation benefits

Prepare your personalized marketing campaigns within minutes and send them to thousands via emails, newsletters, or even push notifications. Then add free popcorn, ticket, show the schedule and finally inform about the new movie with your customers’ favorite actor too.
Not to mention, it will only take minutes.

POSitive Cinema Marketing Automation uses a central database for your entire circuit including all activity detailed in artifacts. For this reason, your marketing campaign decisions can be extremely precise and effective due to the sheer number of historical data touchpoints they are built upon.

Marketing Automation features

different campaign types - not only one time but also continuous with triggers (e.g. date, new schedule, tickets or F&B purchase, as well as use of voucher, reaching points, and more)

creating recipient’s group based on statistic and behavior conditions too (e.g. age, sex, birthday, city, favorite cinema, followed movies, item purchase, and more)

building a personalized message from scratch as well as using a fully customizable template

sending by e-mail, SMS, push notifications, or even WhatsApp

campaign insights together with the full view of effectiveness too

Your customers require an individual approach

Everyone is different

Certainly, proper tools make finding common traits to group your patrons very easy. Of course, demographics are just the beginning, and adding behavioral data is essential to building a full picture of each customer.

Their reactions

Surely you will need to be able to track and analyze your patron's reactions, in order to improve and fine-tune your campaigns. After all, knowing who opens their email, what voucher was redeemed, as well as where and when, will allow you to measure the campaign's success.

Their needs

In fact, all you patrons have different needs some will only need a regular e-mail with the current showtimes to trigger a visit to your cinema others will need some form of incentive.

Thus - mind the RFM!

RFM algorithm ranks a customer in three categories on a scale of 1 to 5 (by all means the higher the number, the better the result). Therefore, the “best” customer would receive a top score in every category 555. as a result it’s the perfect cinema segmentation tool to help you define your customers in a relevant manner. In general, the RFM model is based on three quantitative factors:

Recency: How recently a customer has made a purchase

Frequency: How often a customer makes a purchase

Monetary: How much money a customer spends on purchases​

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