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POSitive Cinema and Nordisk Film Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Cinema Experience

POSitive Cinema is thrilled to announce its partnership with Nordisk Film, a part of the Egmont Group, a Danish media conglomerate and one of the largest media groups in Scandinavia.

Nordisk Film operates 46 cinemas across Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, showcasing a wide range of movies from blockbuster hits to independent titles. The company, established in 1906, is not only a cinema operator but also a significant player in film production, distribution, and digital services. Nordisk Film’s cinemas are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, offering audiences an exceptional viewing experience with advanced sound and picture quality.

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CineStar blog post

POSitive Cinema signs new contract with CineStar Cinemas

We are happy to announce that POSitive Cinema has a new partnership with the renowned CineStar cinema network, the biggest cinema chain in Southeast Europe. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing the moviegoer experience and streamlining operations across all 28 theater locations.

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Blue Cinema

12 Swiss Blue Cinema locations with POSitive Cinema solution

We first wrote about our partnership with the Swiss Blue Cinema circuit back in July 2020. We have worked closely with them since then to deliver a number of features and enhancements to the POSitive Cinema solution and then implemented it in all 12 cinemas of the Blue Cinema circuit. The last one opened its doors last month and is unique because it is fully self-service, probably one of the most automated cinemas in the world.

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Wyomovies press release POSitive Cinema

New partnership with Wyomovies

It’s a real struggle running your business when you have the impression that your core software provider doesn’t even know you exist! At the end of 2022, however, things started to turn POSitive for WyoMovies when we implemented a new cinema management suite and went live with POSitive Cinema the same day across all our cinemas.

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Digital signage positive cinema

Making the most of movie digital signage in your cinema

Digital signage is often the customers’ first touchpoint as they enter the cinema, it is a natural place to start when exploring ways of improving a customer’s experience. How to make the most out of a dynamic digital messaging solution that combines rich visuals with essential data to supercharge your cinema?

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