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tickets price modifiers

Top 10 uses of ticket price modifiers

To operate as efficiently as possible, cinemas are constantly trying to spread attendance across the week and offer their patrons optimized ticket pricing and special offers, whilst ensuring at all times they are maximizing their revenue. To meet these multiple and often contradicting challenges, cinemas have been increasingly reliant on flexible pricing policies.

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summary of 2020

Summary of 2020

Of course, like everyone, we had great plans for 2020. However they have mostly been brutally swept aside – across the world movie theaters have been closed, festivals and trade shows have been canceled or postponed, and film releases have been moved to future dates or released on VoD and studio / exhibitor relations put to the test. However, let’s focus on the POSitive things that have been accomplished over the past 12 months.

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F&B online sales popcorn

How the F&B online sales should look like

Every day we see changes that make our lives easier. It turns out that most of the administrative tasks we have to carry out can now easily be done without waiting in line for hours on end, which has so far been out of the question in many parts of the world.

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