Offsite Sales Channels


POSitive Cinema Omni-Channel is a consistent, unified buying solution guaranteeing process and data integrity across all sales channels. Omni-Channel Sales can handle sales of all types of items and services available in the cinema such as Dine-In, Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards, Voucher, Coupons.

All Sales Channels are part of the comprehensive POSitive Cinema Solution. All Data seamlessly and transparently flows throughout the POSitive Cinema Solution with full integrity in real-time. All of these channels are fully customizable to perfectly match your corporate identity. Working as a part of POSitive Cinema Solution with no need of solutions from other vendors.


  • Unified buying experience
  • Consistent database and reports
  • Item, ticket, availability and price definition per Sales Channel
  • Box Office, Concessions, Online, Mobile App and Dine-In channels
  • One sales engine for all
  • Highly customizable

Mobile App

Get POSitive Cinema Mobile App to achieve increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction and decreased costs by allowing customers to control the entire Cinema-Going Experience through use of their own devices – from viewing information about the cinema and movies, to buying tickets and concessions and ending with a follow-up on their experience.

Mobile First is a global trend for on-line activities. POSitive Cinema offers the Mobile App as a part of Omni-Channel solution, offering a robust set of functionalities your customers will love.


  • Establish brand loyalty with interactive communication with the customer
  • Create new revenue generating opportunities through cross-selling and up-selling
  • Improve customer service with on-demand customer interaction
  • Reduce headcount with the Dine-In module as waitstaff is no longer needed
  • Reduce CapEx by allowing customers to bring their own devices
  • Viewing trailers and movie info
  • Checking loyalty account
  • Purchasing tickets and concessions
  • Dine-In feature for in hall ordering
  • Communication with customers thought

Call Center

Efficient telephone booking service


  • Easy to use web-based application – can be served from any place with Internet connection
  • For in-house and outsource use
  • Loyalty integration
  • Seamless SMS/e-mail confirmation
  • Online connection with cinema database

POSitive Cinema is an official partner with Vantiv, the leading credit card processor and POS solution provider.

As a partner, POSitive Cinema is integrated into the Vantiv platform to deliver requests for authorization and settlement of electronic Card payment transactions to Vantiv using Merchant Services, thereby being able to handle all electronic communications with various payment processing networks, returning valid responses to the POS system, and consequently allowing the solution from POSitive Cinema to complete the transaction.