Partnership with Classic Cinemas – first-year summary

On April 15, 2022, Classic Cinemas celebrated the 1-year anniversary of operation following the COVID-19 shutdown. The circuit took advantage of the lockdown period to change their management software – reopening all locations powered by POSitive Cinema.

About Classic Cinemas

Classic Cinemas is a family-owned business based in Downers Grove, IL. The company has been operating since 1978 when they bought the Tivoli Theatre, built in 1928. Today they run 15 locations with a total of 131 screens, mostly in Chicago, and are the largest chain in Illinois.

We are celebrating our 1st partnership anniversary, and we are excited about the progress we have made and the new features that are being implemented, like the web-based real-time dashboard.

Classic Cinemas auditorium

Look POSitive to the future

“As early as March 2020, we anticipated that it would be crucial, to not only keep moviegoers safe after reopening but also give exhibitors the proper tools to manage the inevitable changes facing the industry like shorter windows and having to rely on more diverse content” – said Gregory Siewiera, POSitive Cinema CEO. That led us to implement enhancements in our core product and the development of new features to help cinemas tackle these future challenges, converting them to revenue-generating opportunities. The key to this is the ability for cinemas to use their transactional data to make decisions and to create highly targeted offers that will ensure customers get off their sofas and return to cinemas.

While new integrations always present challenges, POSitive communicates frequently and works closely with our team to resolve our issues quickly. The future looks bright and we value POSitive as a partner.


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