Partnership with Muvi Cinemas – First-year summary

It’s been 14 months since Muvi Cinemas opened their first cinema at the Mall of Arabia, in Jeddah. It was the first location of the only home-grown cinema brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One year later and Muvi has grown at an incredible pace with 9 more locations already opened. Muvi’s impressive first location has 15 screens, 3 VIP Halls, 1,905 seats, as well as a restaurant and pizza bar on site.

Long-awaited opening

From the beginning, the opening of a new cinema brand in a new territory, especially one that had been without cinemas for such a long time, was going to be a challenge for all involved.

We have seen that it will be a big case for the Saudis, after all, they have been waiting for the cinemas to reopen for almost 35 years – says Gregory Siewiera, POSitive Cinema CEO. Above all else, excellence, commitment and a strong co-operative relationship are essential in the delivery of the POSitive system.

One system to rule them all

On-site POS box office and concessions sale is supported with heavily used Kiosks. For sale via the website and mobile app, we launched a transaction page and provided an API. Additionally, Muvi uses POSitive’s powerful voucher and Analytics modules. Moreover, the mobile Cinema Assistant App helps to increase efficiency – staff uses PDA devices to scan tickets, see the current schedule, block any broken seats and even track the cleaning across the auditoriums, critical during the current climate. Muvi guests appreciate the possibility of ordering F&B directly from their seats as waiters use their tablets to take their orders.

Against all odds

Of course, 2020 is proving to be the most difficult year in cinema history. While all cinemas and their suppliers are facing the impact of significant drops in ticket sales, Saudi Arabia have managed to resists these trends and have actually become the Middle East’s most profitable territory in 2020.
According to data released at the META Cinema Forum conference, Saudi Arabia overtook the United Arab Emirates this year and is now the region’s most profitable territory, with over $ 73 million in cinema ticket sales in the last 40 weeks – an increase in revenue from ticket sales by approximately $ 2 million compared to the same period in 2019. This fantastic result is greatly due to Muvi Cinemas.

Fasten your seatbelts

Muvi successfully reopened after lockdown and are now pushing even harder by investing in new solutions and experiences for their guests. The first Dolby screen has already opened at the flagship Muvi location, U-Walk in Riyadh. The recently opened Mall of Dharhan has 13 screens and can accommodate over 2,300 moviegoers. The chain is planning a continuous expansion and the opening of additionnal new locations across KSA. POSitive Cinema are proud to be supporting the rapid expansion of one of the most exciting new cinema chains in the world. Currently, POSitive Cinema supports the work of all 10 cinemas with 103 screens in the entire Muvi Cinemas chain. The POSitive Cinema system has already served almost 2 million Muvi guests and we cannot wait to serve many millions more.


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