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Wyoming is a beautiful place with breathtaking mountain landscapes and natural wonders. It has one of the lowest population densities in the entire United States, and life flows peacefully here. In addition to the beauty of the surrounding nature, Wyomingites love cinema and the movie theater experience. To meet this demand, Movie Palace (Wyomovies owner) has been providing quality cinema entertainment including ARQ® and Studio LUXX™ premium formats in their 8 locations across Wyoming.

It’s a real struggle running your business when you have the impression that your core software provider doesn’t even know you exist! At the end of 2022, however, things started to turn POSitive for WyoMovies when we implemented a new cinema management suite and went live with POSitive Cinema the same day across all our cinemas.

Wyomovies powered by POSitive Cinema

All of POSitive’s Core modules designed to facilitate cinema operations have been implemented in all the Movie Palace cinemas, as well as Head Office Management – a central system, which enables efficient manage the entire circuit from one application and database. POSitive Analytics and real-time mobile dashboards provide the necessary data and insight to management for them to make important business decisions and control processes. Wyomovies has also gained an extensive and flexible loyalty system, that now also includes integrated gift cards and vouchers that can be linked to loyalty members. Following the recent self-service trend and responding to the needs of its moviegoers, self-service kiosks have also been implemented for both ticket and concession purchases. In total, 16 kiosks have been implemented throughout the circuit. In addition, cinema employees are now equipped with versatile mobile devices running the POSitive Cinema Assistant App that checks tickets, assists with stock take provides communication and task management as well as allows staff to sell tickets and concessions whilst away from their POS station.

The best of both world

“We were looking for a business partner who would be open-minded, listen to our needs, and react on time. After these first months of cooperation, we can confidently say that the choice of POSitive Cinema was a hit! The software is very intuitive, well-designed, and with a lot of thought being put into its functionality. We have worked closely with the POSitive Cinema team on a few key developments that were required to ensure the solution delivered perfectly matched our requirements and these features work exactly as intended.” - says Andy Houck from Wyomovies.

So far so good

“Of course, we are thrilled that our solution now supports the operations of yet another cinema chain in the United States. This implementation confirms that the solutions we have been providing to exhibitors are also a perfect match for markets outside Europe and that the direction we have steered our development efforts resonates with today’s cinema industry. By operating a true 24/7 support helpdesk POSitive Cinema, we have managed to eliminate any concern over time zone issues, after all, we support cinemas from all over the world. The implementation in WyoMovies is one of several that took place this year, and about which we will continue to inform you.” — comments Grzegorz Siewiera, LSI Software CEO.

Wyoming fun fact

It is illegal to wear a hat that can interfere with other people’s views in theaters or entertainment venues.


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