POSitive Cinema 2021 summary

The last two years have shown us better than ever that the only thing we can expect is the unexpected. When we wrote the 2020 summary last year, we were pretty sure that the most difficult year was behind us and we looked on to the future with hope. The reality, however, turned out to be different – the pandemic is still present in our lives and affects all of us in many ways including how we go to the movies. But what was this year like for POSitive Cinema?

Opening with a bang!

January brought good news – a signed partnership with Silky Otter, a boutique cinema chain in New Zealand. Silky Otter cinemas are in prime locations and offer a selection of premium beers, wines, and gourmet snacks directly to the customers’ seats. Silky Otter is determined to change the way you enjoy movies and aim to offer a unique experience on every visit. The POSitive Cinema system has been installed in both their Auckland and Christchurch locations, with many more to come.

On the crest of a wave

Another major roll-out took place in spring, this time in the USA across Classic Cinemas, a Chicago-based, family-owned business running since 1978 and operating 15 locations with over 130 screens, making it the largest cinema chain in Illinois. POSitive Cinema was installed just before their grand re-opening after pandemic closure.
In turn, in autumn we launched two more cinemas – the boutique art-house KinoGram in Warsaw and Cinext, a 14-room multiplex in the Etele Plaza shopping complex in Hungary.
We are also happy to announce that both the James Bond and Spider-Man blockbuster hits and the unprecedented online sales volumes they experienced, were thoroughly enjoyed by all POSitive Cinema customers, without any major incident or downtime.

New modules

The pandemic and the many changes it has brought to the way exhibitors interact with their customers forced us to speed up the work on some new modules in our solution, such as Marketing Automation, and prompted us to create new ones, such as Private Events. How they work and what possibilities they offer can be found in dedicated materials – Marketing Automation ebook & Private Events ebook. Please reach out if you are interested to see these new modules or the latest features of our upcoming version 2.3.

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Trade show season

Traditionally our trade show season kicks off in April with CinemaCon in Las Vegas, but we had to wait until August this year to attend the biggest industry event. CineEurope was also moved from June to October. Therefore, autumn was very busy for us as we were determined to support the industry as it emerged from all the canceled events of 2020. In addition to the above-mentioned events, we also traveled in a different direction, this time to Dubai, where we held a stand at the MENA Cinema.

What will the 2022 year bring us?

When we look to the future we always stay POSitive! We know that difficult moments mobilize us, provide exciting new challenges that we can tackle together. As a software company, we always look for new solutions and make the needs of our clients a top priority. The end of 2021 brought two new signed partnerships in the USA that will be implemented in 2022. Stay in touch – we will inform you about it shortly!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who accompanied us through the last year and look forward to many more years helping cinemas reach new heights and keep providing unique and magical experiences to all their customers!


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