POSitive Cinema and Nordisk Film Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Cinema Experience

POSitive Cinema is thrilled to announce its partnership with Nordisk Film, a part of the Egmont Group, a Danish media conglomerate and one of the largest media groups in Scandinavia.

Nordisk Film operates 46 cinemas across Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, showcasing a wide range of movies from blockbuster hits to independent titles. The company, established in 1906, is not only a cinema operator but also a significant player in film production, distribution, and digital services. Nordisk Film’s cinemas are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, offering audiences an exceptional viewing experience with advanced sound and picture quality.

The partnership encompasses the deployment of POSitive Cinema’s nearly full range of modules, including HeadOffice, Manager App, Film Rental Settlement, Content & Scheduling, Analytics, Loyalty, Gift Cards, Vouchers, Promotions, CRM, Restaurant, Preshow, Campaigns, TMS Advanced Automation, Private Events, Stock Management, Cash Desk, Cinema Assistant App, Dine-In PWA, and comprehensive API access for seamless 3rd party integration. This extensive implementation will include plenty of integrations and innovative solutions designed to elevate the movie-going experience and operational efficiency.

Stéphane Salzinger, CTO of Nordisk Film, commented on the partnership, saying, “After a thorough market analysis in our search for the best supplier, we are excited to begin our collaboration with POSitive Cinema. Their comprehensive suite of products not only meets our extensive needs but also aligns with our vision for the future of cinema. We look forward to leveraging this technology to enhance our customer experience and streamline our operations.”

Echoing the enthusiasm, Grzegorz Siewiera, CEO of POSitive Cinema, added, “This partnership with Nordisk Film represents a significant milestone for us. It validates the strength and versatility of our Cinema Management Solution. We are committed to delivering exceptional value and innovation to Nordisk Film’s operations, helping them to not only meet but exceed their customers’ expectations. We’re proud to be part of this transformational journey.”

The collaboration between POSitive Cinema and Nordisk Film is set to kick off a wave of technological advancements and customer-centric innovations. By leveraging the power of POSitive Cinema’s solutions, Nordisk Film aims to provide unparalleled cinema experiences to its audiences, reinforcing its position as a leading cinema operator in Scandinavia.

About POSitive Cinema

POSitive Cinema is a provider of cutting-edge cinema management systems, offering comprehensive solutions to elevate operational efficiency and enhance the overall customer experience in the cinema industry. With a track record of success, POSitive Cinema is the trusted partner for cinemas worldwide.

About Nordisk Film

Nordisk Film is a leading figure in the Scandinavian entertainment industry, operating 46 cinemas across Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Renowned for providing high-quality cinematic experiences, Nordisk Film is dedicated to embracing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of its audiences.


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