POSitive Cinema on CineEurope exhibition in Barcelona

POSitive Cinema has been presented during 26th edition of international exhibition CineEurope in Barcelona. The show organized by Film Expo Group is the official UNIC event (The International Union of Cinemas). It is the second time that POSitive Cinema has been presented in Barcelona, and yet again it was very popular among the visitors. The participants appreciated our system developed thanks to the vast experience of our company in creation of state-of-art IT solutions for many sectors. Our novelty, self-service kiosks, which make it possible to eliminate standing in lines for the tickets, were attracting the greatest interest among the visitors. Our newest module in the system, Staff Scheduler, was popular with the exhibition guests too. This comprehensive platform for creating staff schedule comprises also all pieces of information on employees, such as the hours worked, their skills, contract conditions, days off or sick leaves. The visitors appreciated also the wide variety of our company’s offer, i.e. that we supply not only the software, but also the hardware to operate it on. We are very satisfied with the event. During the exhibition we had a chance to talk to the representatives of cinema chains from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We learnt more on the specific needs from different locations and started acting on several very interesting projects. We’ll be there again next year!


Scheduling screen computer