POSitive Cinema signs new contract with CineStar Cinemas

We are happy to announce that POSitive Cinema has a new partnership with the renowned CineStar cinema network, the biggest cinema chain in Southeast Europe. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing the moviegoer experience and streamlining operations across all 28 theater locations.

Expanding possibilities: Cinestar's presence

CineStar is a well-established cinema network now operating across three countries: Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also in Kosovo. With a total of 28 cinemas, CineStar has been a prominent player in the region’s entertainment industry, consistently providing high-quality movie experiences to its patrons. The collaboration with POSitive Cinema signifies CineStar’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and enhancing its services.

The Power of POSitive Cinema Software

POSitive Cinema is renowned for its comprehensive cinema management software, and CineStar will now have access to its full suite of offerings. In addition to the standard Point of Sale (POS) systems, CineStar will also utilize self-service solutions like kiosks and a Dine-in app, to order directly from the moviegoer’s phone, without having to install a dedicated application. This will enable viewers to quickly and conveniently purchase tickets, reducing wait times and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

CineStar gain an innovative mobile app and website

As part of the agreement, POSitive Cinema will provide iOS and Android mobile applications and CMS Website for CineStar. This will allow customers to access showtimes, book tickets, buy concessions in the future, and explore upcoming releases from the convenience of their smartphones or computers. This digital integration aims to provide a seamless user experience, empowering movie enthusiasts to plan their cinema visits effortlessly and stay updated with the latest offerings.

Tools for building relations

CineStar will also leverage the Loyalty Program and Marketing Automation system, integral parts of the POSitive Cinema system. An extensive Loyalty System allows CineStar to configure the tiers in any way, promote the cinema brand and gain a returning group of customers. Furthermore, the Marketing Automation tool will enable them to personalize marketing campaigns, deliver targeted promotions, and engage with their audience effectively.

Loyalty System

Download the e-book and find out about building any loyalty program.

Campaigns & PreShow at CineStar

With the addition of the Preshow and Campaigns modules, CineStar can enjoy a holistic software solution to easily manage their on-screen and off-screen advertising activities. The Preshow module offers advanced advertisement, trailer, and board scheduling, including support for trailer exclusion, playlist creation, and auto communication with the TMS.

CineStar efficient implementation timeline

The implementation of POSitive Cinema’s solution at CineStar theaters will commence in May 2023 and is projected to conclude by the end of the same year. This timeline ensures a smooth transition for both staff and customers, minimizing disruptions to daily operations. The diligent planning and coordination between POSitive Cinema and CineStar will facilitate the successful integration of the software and enable a seamless moviegoing experience for patrons.


Moreover, this partnership brings additional benefits to CineStar, as they will now have access to a range of tools for managing their entire network. The inclusion of real-time dashboards, displaying information from all locations, will greatly streamline day-to-day management operations. These dashboards will provide valuable insights into attendance, sales data, and customer preferences, allowing for data-driven decision-making and effective resource allocation.

POSitive Cinema is thrilled to embark on this partnership, as it further validates our commitment to flexibility and a customer-centric approach. We take pride in providing tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients, and CineStar’s decision to choose POSitive Cinema is a testament to our dedication to delivering high-quality software and outstanding service.

The collaboration between these two industry leaders sets the stage for an exciting future in the world of cinema, where innovation and customer satisfaction remain at the forefront.


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