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Private events

Unleash the full potential of your auditoriums with private events. Plan, execute, and invoice group or corporate sales activities, from booking auditoriums to selling F&B packages and vouchers. It’s all in one place, so you don’t miss a thing.

Increase and diversify your income

The whole sales process is under your control, from inquiry, through event preparation to wrap-up. With clean overview, you won't miss a thing.

Gain a new type
of patrons

Regularly organize e-sports tournaments or game parties. Fill the halls with balloons and birthday guests. We know that they will come back for more!

Optimize your venue occupancy

Movie theater instead of a small conference room for a meeting with the management? Sounds like a lack of available halls on a Monday morning.

Private events features

All the documents at your fingertip (price offer, invitation, tickets, vouchers, cost report)

3rd party caterers, suppliers, or equipment rental companies

Immediate access to all cinemas data

Generate, print, export, send tickets and vouchers

Checking available and compatible auditoriums

Checklists to keep on track even better

An offer based on an internal pricing policy

Send survey and/or exclusive offers to everyone who attended the event

Varied F&B items with a specific price list

invoice including any additional items added during the event


E-sport & gaming

Convert your cinema locations into e-sports arenas by hosting popular championships, or rent your auditoriums to gamers that want to play their favourite games on the big screen and enjoy a full range of snacks.

Corporate Event

It can be a business presentation, product launch, conference, training seminar or any other corporate event. In addition, provide your buttery theatre popcorn or the choice of diverse catering options to the guests.

Birthday Party

Spread the love for cinema in the hearts of young moviegoers in the most important moments of their lives. By creating wonderful memories during birthday screenings and in a wonderful atmosphere, you create the next generation of cinema enthusiasts.

Private screening

The full package including a choice of movie or other events, popcorn, soda delivered to members of the family, or a group of friends. Provide a sense of safety and excellent VIP treatment.

Schools and film clubs

Negotiate a series of events spread across the year with your local school, university, or film club.

Private events

Introduce the private screening service and gain another revenue channel. In our material you will find tips on how to organize it. Corporate event, e-gaming competition or maybe a birthday? Download an e-book and learn how to unleash the full potential of your auditoriums.