Promote your products using number of available promotion schemes. Great marketing tool to plan and execute sales
of new products as well as ensure optimal rotation of your stock.

promotions benefits
Promotions benefits

Loyalty programs module is a great support for promotions management, you can easily generate coupons or gift cards and send them to clients with Marketing Automation module. Since all data are on-line you are always up to date with codes and cards usage.


Manually triggered or automatic promotions

Setting promotion priority

Wide range of conditions e.g.:

▪ Payment Type
▪ Item
▪ Day and Time
▪ Client Group
▪ Use of Card
▪ Use of Voucher
▪ User Role
▪ Frequency
▪ Transaction Value
▪ Use of Code
▪ Screen Type

Multiple benefits option

▪ Item Discount
▪ Fixed Item Price
▪ Item Group Discount
▪ Freebie
▪ Total Discount
▪ Free Voucher
▪ Price Level

Separate promotions per sales channel

Time scope for each promotion