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Smart Cinema

Smart Cinema is the latest module of POSitive Cinema Solution Suite. It is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which provides forecasting, optimizes scheduling and ticket pricing. It assures the cinema schedule maximizes screen occupancy which in turn will increase admissions and F&B sales.

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Smart Cinema benefits
Smart Cinema benefits

Smart Cinema can learn from clients’ behavior and current trends by accessing large amounts of historical data using
almost unlimited types of data such as holidays, weather, the population in the region, age, etc.

It will help to optimize a schedule for each day.

Smart Cinema Features

Automatic creation of screen occupancy forecasts and schedule validation

Models are automatically created and updated based on Big Data and Machine Learning

Models are verified through mathematical and statistical inference

Multiple ticket price structures can be created

▪ cheaper tickets for less popular screenings
▪ increasing interest in the screening by ticket
   price diversification

Optimized process of screen swap based on the performance of shows

Forecast verification

Revenue prediction

Working with Staff Scheduler

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