Summary of 2020

Of course, like everyone, we had great plans for 2020. However they have mostly been brutally swept aside. Across the world movie theaters have been closed, festivals and trade shows have been canceled or postponed, and film releases have been moved to future dates or released on VoD and studio / exhibitor relations put to the test. However, let’s focus on the POSitive things that have been accomplished over the past 12 months.

New reality in 2020

Q1 saw an intensive preparation for the re-opening of theaters. COVID has certainly accelerated the digital transition of selling tickets and F&B and enabling a contactless customer journey. We also have developed solutions that allowed cinemas to adapt to the new reality and regulations such as social distancing algorithms or limiting the number of available seats, and ensuring cinema-goers felt as safe as possible when going to the movies.

Participation in CineEurope, albeit as an online edition, gave at least a substitute for the trade show atmosphere, which we all have missed this year. As every year, we had prepared a lot of new functionalities in our system that could not be showcased in Barcelona. So instead, we collected and described them in one place. We look forward to being able to once again meet up this year!

Hot summer, hot news

At the end of June, a partnership with Blue Cinema (formerly Kitag Cinemas) was signed. Blue Cinemas is the largest Swiss cinema chain based in Zurich, running almost 100 screens across their locations. POSitive Cinema will operate in all 14 cinemas located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland with a go-live planned for this year, we will be sure to keep you updated.

The further good news was the nomination of our latest Smart Cinema module for the Polish Intelligent Development Award. Smart Cinema uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide both forecasting and optimization of circuits scheduling and ticket pricing. It ensures the cinema schedule maximizes the screen occupancy which in turn will increase admissions and F&B sales. It is the result of extensive R&D work carried out by our company.

While nearly all cinemas are facing difficult times, closures, and drops in admissions, KSA is on its way up. A year after the opening of their first Muvi Cinema location, the chain has grown at an incredible pace adding another 9 locations and reaching 103 screens in total. Muvi is planning a continuous expansion throughout 2021. POSitive Cinema is proud to be supporting them in this rapid growth.

Change of club colors

The year 2020 also brings about new faces. In October, Emanuele de Plano joined as Head of Sales. His many years of experience in providing ticketing solutions to exhibitors are invaluable in supporting the further development of our software and indeed to the entire POSitive Cinema team.

Business as usual

In July 2019 when we signed the partnership with Malaysian circuit mmCineplexes, nobody expected what the world would look like a year later. Despite a global pandemic the implementation of POSitive Cinema across the 10 cinemas scheduled for September 2020 went ahead and was completed 100% remotely. Both teams faced the challenges of this unprecedented rollout which ran smoothly and without any problems.

New hope

Back in March, our CEO Gregory Siewiera wrote that the industry would rebuild itself and that people, after months of isolation, will appreciate more than ever being able to go back to the cinema. Please join us in hoping 2021 will bring back the blockbusters and popcorn magic to all cinemas around the world!


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