What is the cinema industry going to look like?

The question we’re all asking: what is the cinema industry going to look like and how to get back to normal after the crisis?

3 steps

There are going to be three phases on the way. We are currently in the first one where, as OMDIA.com reports, 96% of theaters are closed. With great sadness, we observe problems witnessed by exhibitors. They are struggling with the loss of the liquidity and dismissals of the staff.  There are also important initiatives that gather the cinema community and raise many important issues, just to name a few:

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The second stage, the middle period, where the customers will be slowly encouraged to return to the cinemas. It will be a very difficult and demanding phase for everyone. Tight cooperation between exhibitors, distributors, and everyone involved, can only lead to a win-win situation.

Distributors should be ready for cinemas reopening and when it happens wisely to deliver the content. Ensure an interesting offer on one hand and avoid delivering to many blockbusters at the same time to prevent offer cannibalization.

The cinemas need to be well managed to guarantee customer satisfaction. They should make better use of marketing tools to keep in touch with their customers and listen to their needs.

As Patryk von Sychowski recalls, we also need a strong social campaign to persuade people to go back to cinemas.

Cinema industry goals

The ways to get back on tracks are clear and understandable. It is also certain that they are expensive. Maintaining the highest standard of hygiene, promoting social distancing will result in higher operating costs and reduced revenues, which in many cases were already at a very low level. The advantage will ultimately be built by those chains which, will manage to optimize the costs. To do that cinema owners will have to enhance something that seemed already to be at its best. There are several ways to do this while maintaining quality e.g.

Moviegoing is like watching a football match or a concert, live. You can do it from home, but it is an unforgettable experience when being watched at the cinema and shared with others. Thanks to this, the cinema survived all previous threats and will survive the current one. Let’s be united because that’s how we can win.

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